Apple Fritter E-juice by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Apple Fritter E-juice is part of the Atomic Dog Vapor dessert line. There are all kinds of Fritter flavours ranging from meat to seafood to vegetables or fruits. This vape juice is one undoubtedly delicious dessert vape that delivers a taste of the actual stuff. Imagine a taste of rich apples with a deep-fried crust coated with sugar or honey. Apple Fritter E-juice by Atomic Dog Vapor is one of the best apple fritter e-juices on the vape market. Perfect to take with coffee or after a meal, or just whenever you crave a satisfying vape.

Atomic Dog Vapor only manufacture their juices inhouse with high-quality ingredients under strict supervision, and their mixture is quite simple. They make use of only flavouring, VG, PG, and nicotine to create an e-juice that is simply irresistible. There are no additives or extenders which is why you will not be getting any chemical taste while you vape any of their e-juices including Apple ejuice, just the delicate organic taste that never gets harsh or artificial at all. If you like apples and dessert e-juices, you will love this e-juice flavour.

Apple Fritter E-juice by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

When you inhale, you get the gentle and creamy notes of the apple pie flavour, but your tongue is constantly hit with the distinct apple filling with hints of cinnamon flavour in the background that compliments the caramelized apple taste just perfectly, resulting in a truly remarkable vape sensation. As you exhale, this vape juice rewards you with the same taste of apple and cinnamon but this time, you taste the fried crust as the vapour glides out of your mouth. The flavour is consistent on the inhale and exhale, even down to the last drop. Apple Fritter E-juice by Atomic Dog Vapor is one e-juice your taste buds can not get used to because every hit is filled with rich and full flavour that leaves you with a pleasant and long-lasting aftertaste. This e-juice will easily become your all-day-everyday vape.

The e-juice comes pre-steeped straight from the factory so you can go on to vaping and enjoying the full flavour right away. Although you can still choose to steep it some more. This is because steeping goes a long way in enhancing the flavour output of the e-juice by allowing the ingredients to mix better. You hardly will need to do this unless you desire a particular taste from the e-juice because its taste straight out of its pack is already breathtaking.

Apple Fritter E-juice is manufactured with high-quality Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) in a 70/30 ratio, which makes this vape juice a full VG blend. This means the e-juice has a smooth and thick texture that makes it perfect if you want to use it in a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Just in case you do not vape without full-on vape clouds, Atomic Dog Vapor has got you covered. Even cloud chasing vapers will love the amount of cloud this vape juice can give, which is quite unusual for a 70% VG blend. Your coils are safe with this e-juice; you will not need to change them so frequently because it does not gunk them up.

Here is where all the fun is kept. Apple Fritter E-juice by Atomic Dog Vapor is available in varying nicotine strengths. It is available in 0MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG, and 24MG. Your choice of nicotine strength depends on the kind of throat hit you expect to be rewarded with. This vape juice is made with high-grade nicotine so even at very high concentrations, it spares you of any irritations to your throat. If you like a subtle throat hit so you can still enjoy the flavour, then a lesser concentration will suffice. However, if you are a heavy vaper with more preference for an intense throat hit, then the higher levels will quench your cravings any time.

Atomic Dog Vapor presents their e-juices in a plastic bottle with a child-resistant cap that is easy to get around. Apple Fritter E-juice is available in a 30ML or 124ML bottle. You can purchase a 30ML bottle for $8.99, and a 124ML bottle for $13.99. It is only expected of Atomic Dog Vapor to present such a delicious vape juice at such affordable prices. With their excellent customer service and fast delivery, once you place an order, you should have a bottle of Apple Fritter E-juice by you in no time. Just make sure you always buy from reputable sellers like from the company’s official online store, rather than buying off the street.

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Apple Fritter E-juice by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

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