Best place to get a DIY flavoring kit

It’s no secret that Vaping is extremely popular and it has given a welcome alternative to cigarettes and also to many people who smoke, including almost everybody here at Flavorah. The unlimited flavor options are two of Vaping ‘s biggest appeals, as well as being able to control the amount of nicotine we use. The ability to decrease your nicotine level over time and at your own pace, if you choose to, is an option that we just didn’t have as smokers.

The creation of your own e-liquid gives the DIYer complete control over not only the flavor, but also the quantity of nicotine used, the peace of mind in knowing what’s in your e-juice, and all its associated fun. E-liquid flavoring kit is the perfect way to get started or to store your DIY e-liquid / e-juice supplies just incase you want to prepare your own e-juice

Flavorah provides brilliant, highly concentrated aromatic notes which can not be achieved using multipurpose flavours. When vaping was new, flavorings made for candy, baking, and beverages had to be borrowed from vape juice mixers to produce e-juice. Times have shifted. Flavorah’s flavor notes are vastly different from those multipurpose flavorings on the market, which are highly concentrated and made to be brilliant for vapor. By creating new formulae for vape from the ground up, Flavorah gives you accurate control of your flavor profiles and e-juice recipes. As a result, they believe that by using premium quality product, customers will consistently be able to produce the highest value product for the market.

Flavorah takes a great deal of time and painstaking steps to create the industry’s best organic premium handcrafted vapor juice flavor profiles. They break down their formulas into different simple ingredients some of which include (VG, PG, fruity flavored, Nicotine) and send them straight up to you.

The rest is so simple, any 21-year-old vaper can do the mixing. Just squeeze the ingredients into any beautifully labeled e-Juice glass dropper container, shake and vaporize the incredible premium crafted e-liquid formulas. You will never find anywhere in this world a DIY e-juice that’s so easy and fast to prepare.

In case you are following a DIY e-juice recipe and just figuring out how to make vape juice, or if you are a highly skilled making vape juice and you need wholesale e juice flavor concentrates for delivery around the world, you are in the right place.

Explore their extensive selection of variety packs of e-juice flavoring concentrates to enjoy uncompromising flavor at Flavorah. All their ingredients in their products are tested by independent laboratories and verified. They also implement a stringent quality assurance procedure to ensure that you obtain nothing but the finest materials for your behind-the-bar vape shop or laboratory at home. Take a smart choice to find great taste and even greater value. Shop online and get in touch with Flavorah. Just start your adventure at DIY vape? Contact Flavorah for more info, tips and tutorials.

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Best place to get a DIY flavoring kit

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