Blue Icicle Vapo Maxx by Vaportech USA Review

Vapo Maxx Blue Icicle is an incredibly easy to use disposable pod by Vaportech USA. It comes prefilled with nicotine salt formulation. It is not required to charge or refill this device, simply throw it away once you run out of battery or e-liquid. This device is draw-activated, which means just take a draw on the mouthpiece to activate the pod. If you are a vaping enthusiast who look for an easy-to-use ultra- portable disposable pod, Vapo Maxx – Blue Icicle is the right choice. Its portability made Blue Icicle Vapo Maxx convenient to carry along while you travel. Like heavy pod systems, you don’t have to find a specific place to keep it. You can just keep it in your pocket, wallet, or wherever you feel convenient.

Blue Icicle Vapo Maxx by Vaportech USA comes is ready to use package. You can open the package and start vaping immediately. This device is pre-filled with Blue Icicle flavored nicotine salt based vape juice. Each device is filled with 1.2ml of Blue Icicle flavored vape juice that can take you to a new world of vaping. Blue Icicle is one of the most popular flavors in the vaping world. This flavor is refreshing and smooth with a fruity punch. As you inhale, your taste buds will feel the taste similar to bubble gum with a blueberry undertone. The coolness of mint flavor comes to the picture on exhale leaving a refreshing feel in your mouth. Certainly, this innovative pod may completely change your vaping routine.

Vapo Maxx Blue Icicle by Vaportech USA offers around 280 puffs per device before you run out of vape juice. The juice features a 6% (60mg) nicotine concentration that is good enough to provide ultra-strong throat hits. Even though it delivers strong throat hits, it is smooth on the throat. You don’t have to worry about experiencing any burning or charring sensation on your throats while vaping. The device doesn’t have an on/off button or any complex settings. There is no preparation work required to operate this. It comes as a ready to vape device for a hassle-free vaping session. Apart from Blue Icicle, Vapo Maxx is available in flavors such as Apple Chill, Pixie Frost, Bananice, Berry Banana, Fire & Ice, Icy Lychee, Blue Icicle, Lemon Glacier, Citrus Pink, RY4, and Tropicoco.

Vapo Maxx Blue Icicle by Vaportech USA is equipped with a comfortable mouthpiece that fits well between your lips. The mouthpiece is covered with a protector as a protection from dust and debris. There are two airflow ports provided at the base of the device to enhance flavor production. The design is almost similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette. It will provide you with similar nicotine hits that you get while smoking traditional cigarettes. It is a perfect device for those who want to switch to vaping. You can buy this device online from Vaportech USA at a cheap rate of $4.99 per pod. Vaportech USA offers fast delivery services to all-states in the US through USPS.

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Blue Icicle Vapo Maxx by Vaportech USA Review

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