Cloud Nurdz Disposable Vape 4500 Puffs Review

Cloud Nurdz is a revolutionary brand known for its wide range of mouthwatering vape juices. These candy-flavored juices have become a staple for thousands of vape enthusiasts. Recently, the brand ventured into creating feature-rich, highly functioning disposable vapes. Its pioneer product is the Cloud Nurdz disposable vape 4500. Although new on the market, this device has become a top selling vape in many online vape stores, including on West Coast Vape Supply.

Cloud Nurdz disposable vape 4500 has a larger vape juice capacity, is made in a different and elegant design, and has a larger puff count. It also comes in a wide range of flavors that have never been seen before. Its high puff count ensures it lasts a while, giving you wholesome vaping sessions each time. If you want to add a device to your list of disposables, this Cloud Nurdz disposable vape 4500 is your best choice.

Product description

Shape and design

Cloud Nurdz disposable vape 4500 takes a box shape while maintaining its compatibility for convenience while carrying it. This device comes in beautiful colors according to the flavor content in each container. The impeccable finish gives it a firm grip, making it comfortable to vape for extended durations. 

Ease of use

Cloud Nurdz disposable vape 4500 is easy to use due to its draw-activated firing mechanism that ensures no use of button pressers. It also prevents accidental spills caused by unintended pressing of the buttons while at rest. Cloud Nurdz disposable 4500 puffs come pre-filled and pre-charged, making them easy to use immediately after purchase.

Vape juice capacity

Cloud Nurdz disposable vape 4500 has an incredible vape juice capacity of 12ml, one of the largest in the series and can last you a long. 12ml vape juice capacity is enough to last you through all 4500 puffs. Cloud Nurdz disposable vape 4500 is a great device to add to your collection.

Nicotine Strength

Cloud Nurdz disposable 4500 uses synthetic nicotine in a concentration of 25mg or 50mg. With this concentration, you get steady, smooth, satisfying throat hits in every puff. Cloud Nurdz disposable vape allows you to choose your preferred nicotine concentration between 25mg and 50mg, depending on your consumption abilities. It is, therefore, a good choice of disposables.


Cloud Nurdz has effortlessly created unique flavors by balancing fruity and mint flavors. These Cloud Nurdz disposable 4500 flavors have a long-lasting effect on your taste buds and give your mouth a fresh and fruity breath. These flavors include strawberry grape, strawberry grape iced, blue raspberry lemon, blue raspberry lemon iced, sour watermelon strawberry, strawberry lemon, strawberry mango, apple grape, apple grape iced, apple watermelon, apple watermelon iced, blue raspberry peach, blue raspberry peach iced, and watermelon berry.


For a fulfilling vaping session, consider the Cloud Nurdz disposable vape 4500 puffs for an excellent session. This device comes in a compact, elegant shape, high vape juice capacity, high puff count, a wide range of flavors and two nicotine strengths. Additionally, cloud Nurdz disposable vape 4500 is made by a reputable brand in the vaping industry and is the latest development by the company.

Where to purchase the Cloud Nurdz disposable vape

You can purchase the Cloud Nurdz disposable vape from the West Coast Vape Supply website for $15.99. This is the leading online vape store that stocks premium vape devices from reputable brands. Visit the store today for multiple deals and discounts. 

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Cloud Nurdz Disposable Vape 4500 Puffs Review

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