Green Blast by Naked 100 Review

Green Blast is one of my favorite e-liquids in the Naked 100 line. This vape juice is a mixture of honeydew melon, kiwi, and fresh Granny Smith apple flavor. If you love green apples, this is an e-liquid that you will enjoy vaping. The vape juice has a light and crisp fruity flavor. The green apple flavor stands out boldly, and it is spot-on accurate. You can taste the other flavors too. Overall, this is a summer vape liquid.

Green Blast by Naked 100 has vegetable glycerin (VG) to propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. This e-liquid is not too thick, and it is easy on coils. I vaped it for several days before I needed to change my wicking material. You can choose to vape Green Blast using either a tank or a dripper. The cloud production of this vape juice is incredible. Naked 100 did a great job in balancing the flavor intensity and cloud production of this e-juice.

The e-liquid comes pre-steeped from the factory, but you can choose to steep it again for two weeks to let the flavor come out. Steeping can go a long way to bring out the flavor of e-liquids.

Green Blast by Naked 100 comes with different nicotine concentration levels. You can get this vape juice with either 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg of nicotine. You won’t get a harsh throat hit from this e-liquid even if you go for the version with 12mg of nicotine. The throat hit is just perfect. It does not get overwhelming. I did not experience any throat irritation from vaping this e-juice. 

Green Blast has the same simple packaging design that is used for all e-liquids in the Naked 100 line. It is packed in a clear glass bottle with a black childproof dropper top. There is a white label on the bottle with the Naked 100 logo and other information about the product like nicotine strength level, VG/PG ratio, and more. You will find illustrations of the three fruit flavors in this e-liquid on the label.

You can get Green Blast and other Naked 100 e-liquids from just about any top vape shop. But if you want the best price, check out the Humble Juice online store. A 60ml bottle of Green Blast is selling for $18.99 at this store. This is a good price for this high-quality e-liquid. You can get other e-liquids in the Naked 100 line at this shop.

The Humble Juice is a one-stop store for all your vaping supplies. Apart from e-liquids, you will get vaping devices and accessories from this store. There are many exciting deals at this online vape shop that you can take advantage of to save some cash. 

If you’re based in the United States, you can get free shipping from this shop if you spend $19.99 or more. Humble Juice Co. provides excellent customer service and quick delivery of orders.

Green Blast by Naked 100 is a great summer vape. There are other equally good e-liquids in this line like All Melon, Amazing Mango, Lava Flow, Very Berry, Maui Sun, Really Berry and Hawaiian POG. Each one of these e-liquids is special. The Naked 100 line is the creation of The Schwartz E-Liquid Group. 

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Green Blast is a flavorful e-juice. There is no weird taste from this e-juice whether you are vaping at a high or low wattage. The different flavors come together harmoniously. This green apple e-liquid can easily be an all day vape. The best part is that you will not quickly get sick of its taste.

I highly recommend that you order more than one bottle of this e-juice since there is a chance that you will fall in love with it, and one bottle may not be enough. 

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Green Blast by Naked 100 Review

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