Kilo E-Liquid Moo Series Review

Kilo E-Liquids has a collection of extra milky e-liquids for the vaping community. Of course, this is Kilo E-liquids that we are talking about so I was excited to taste what this brand has in store.

There are six blends included in this lineup namely Coffee Milk, Vanilla Almond Milk, Strawberry Milk, Banana Milk, Blueberry Milk, and Neapolitan Milk. Wow! From the names alone, you can tell that these e-liquids are delicious.

Coffee Milk

If you love milk in your coffee, then Coffee Milk is the e-juice that you should be vaping. It has the flavor of Arabica coffee mixed with a touch of cream and milk. You will not miss your daily dose of coffee when you go with Coffee Milk by Kilo E-Liquid. The creamy notes run nice and smooth on the throat too. The vapor production of this e-liquid is amazing as well.

Vanilla Almond Milk

Growing up with parents who serve you a big bowl of granola and almond with milk for breakfast, I was so thrilled to see this e-liquid. My expectations are pretty high since I treasure my childhood memories. Good thing this vape juice did not disappoint. Vanilla Almond Milk gives you rich and flavorful notes with a milky base. The vanilla and almond flavor in this blend are particularly strong, so this is great for those who are into almonds.

Strawberry Milk

Strawberries are one of the commonly used flavors in the e-liquid market. But Kilo E-liquid nailed it with Strawberry Milk e-juice.

It has the taste of a nice strawberry milkshake. One reviewer pointed out how this reminded him of Nesquick strawberry milkshake, to which I partially agree. The more you vape it, the more you will realize its resemblance. But hey! I love strawberry, and I love that drink, so it is a win-win flavor for me.

The sweetness of this e-liquid is not that strong, and the creaminess is not too intense. Putting all these into consideration, Strawberry Milk e-juice is a good all-day vape.

Banana Milk

This one is pretty unique since there are not a lot of banana e-juices in the market. Capturing banana in vape form is pretty difficult and can be disgusting when done wrong. But Kilo E-Liquid did a perfect job with Banana Milk. The banana notes are spot-on with velvety smooth milk undertones. The taste is similar to a banana smoothie or a banana milkshake. This is a perfect e-liquid for the coming summer days.

Blueberry Milk

Like me, you may be curious about how mixing blueberries and milk tastes like. This Kilo E-liquid blend is everything you expect it to be. I cannot stop vaping it all day long. It is so good I can probably gulp this entire bottle down.

This e-juice has the taste of a blueberry jam with creamy and milk undertones. The sweetness is not overwhelming on the throat at all. It is a good dessert vape that every vaper with a sweet tooth should try. Thumbs up for this blend.

Neapolitan Milk

Neapolitan is a trifecta of flavors. It contains vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavor. Combining all these flavors in one bottle is quite tricky, and I am impressed that Kilo E-liquid did a good job in here. There is a nice balance on all three flavors so that one does not overpower the other. On the inhale, the sweet notes of strawberry and chocolate come in and are mellowed down by the richness of vanilla. I think that the chocolate flavor is a bit faint in the blend. Other than that, this is definitely a new addition to my books. Ice cream lovers should also give this e-liquid a try.


Kilo E-liquid’s Moo Series is made up of very enjoyable e-liquids. You can grab a 60-mL bottle of any e-juice in this line for as low as $19.99 only at

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Kilo E-Liquid Moo Series Review

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