Sour Punch by Drip The Hype Review

Established in 2014, Drip the Hype has since been ‘the hype’ itself in the vaping industry. It’s based in California and is famous for giving us some of the best ejuice brands such as Trop Drop and Candy Man.

Drip the Hype delivers us a new, exciting vape juice. In addition to their other flavors such as French Toast and Vape cake, they bring a new twist to the selection. Ladies and gentlemen, Drip the Hype presents you Sour Punch.

Sour Punch is Drip the Hype’s new premium e-liquid. If you are a fan of fruit-flavoured ejuice, then this one is definitely for you! Sour Punch is comprised of three exciting fruits; Kiwi, strawberry and watermelon! Each shot gives you just the right hints of flavor of each fruit.

Flavor Description

Here’s a breakdown of each fruit that comprises this groovy selection. Kiwi’s sourness is a bit empowering. It’s perfect if you need a bit of a sour-kick in the buds. Strawberry’s sweetness, on the other hand, pairs with Kiwi’s sourness which completes your sweet and sour craving. Let’s not forget the last fruit that made this flavor interesting. Watermelon finishes the job just right. You can sense the sweet taste of the fruit when you exhale. Isn’t that a great combo? It’s really intriguing how Drip the Hype can pull off such a special flavor.


Drip the Hype’s Sour Punch comes a 60ml ejuice black bottle that’s contained in a black box. The bottle showcases drawings of the three fruits you’ll be getting from Sour Punch which is then again, Kiwi, Strawberry and Watermelon.


Drip the Hype’s premium e-liquids are made with USP Kosher Grade VG and PG and 100% pure nicotine. Which is exactly what you’ll be getting with Sour Punch.

VG/PG Ratio

Sour Punch has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20 percent. Although the use of a sub ohm tank is possible, using a rebuildable automizer (RDA) is much more recommended if you want to get the most flavor out of Sour Punch.

Vapor Production

This juice is ideal for vapers who like to blow out massive clouds. These clouds don’t disappear right away. You will smell the sweet, delightful flavor of Sour Punch after you exhale.

Nicotine Strength

This bottle has three nicotine strengths you can choose from. It comes in 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine levels.

Throat Hit

If inhaling a bucket of fruits worries you that you might irritate your throat, don’t be anxious about it. Drip the Hype’s Sour Punch gives a minimum throat hit. It’s a consistent flavor that gives you a smooth sensation without hurting your throat.


Drip the Hype’s premium selections come in a 60ml bottle. You can find them on for only $24.97.

About the Manufacturer

Drip the Hype is brought to you by Liquid Labs. Liquid Labs is a vaping manufacturing company based in New Jersey. Their facilities are contained in a fully functional GMP compliant ISO 7 cleanroom.

Where to Buy

You can buy Sour Punch by Drip the Hype’s 60ml bottle at for the affordable price of only $24.97! It’s all there for you to grab easily at VapeFu.

And once you do, have fun indulging in this sweet steal and let your friends know you’ve just been to the other side of the tropical country.


Drip the Hype’s Sour Punch is a flavor ideal for folks who are into fruity flavors. It consists of three main fruits; Kiwi, Strawberry and Watermelon. You get three fantastic flavors all in one bottle! If you haven’t tried out a fruity ejuice yet, why don’t you give this juice a try.

It’s pretty simple, on your inhale, you get the sweet and sour kick from Kiwi and Strawberry. Upon your exhale, Watermelon comes right in as a surprise to balance the whole flavor. You can create enormous clouds in the air that won’t disappear for a while. If you are also into that sort of vaping thing, Sour Punch is absolutely your bottle of fun. The nicotine concentrations available are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Drip the Hype came up with this flavor to compete against other fruit-filled vape juices in the market. And it doesn’t seem to disappoint.


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Sour Punch by Drip The Hype Review

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