Sweet Tobacco E-Liquid By Havana Juice Co. Review

Sweet Tobacco is a delicious vape juice by Humble Juice Co. This e-liquid is ideal for vapers with sweet tooth cravings who also enjoy tobacco. This e-liquid contains the flavors of Cuban cigar blended with dulce de leche. This e-liquid has a balanced taste that expertly blends both flavors. Sweet Tobacco is one of the best e-liquid with its flavor profile on the market. If you are looking for a sweet tobacco flavored e-liquid that you can vape all day long, then you should give Sweet Tobacco a try.

Sweet Tobacco is one of those e-liquids with a pleasant inhale and exhale. When you vape this e-liquid, it is the taste of the dulce de leche flavor and its sweetness that comes alive. This e-liquid has the flavor of rich tobacco on the exhale. This e-juice has the flavor of Cuban cigars on the exhale. The dulce de leche and tobacco flavored e-liquids are excellently blended. Sweet Tobacco also has a rich and long-lasting aftertaste that sets this e-liquid apart from other e-liquids with its flavor profile.

Sweet Tobacco by Humble Juice Co. is produced with high-quality vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. This sweet and tobacco flavored vape juice can be vaped using a sub ohm tank and also with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Sweet Tobacco is one of those e-liquids that produces massive clouds of vapor with every hit. Clouds chasers will undoubtedly appreciate this e-liquid.

Sweet Tobacco is also produced with top-notch nicotine that adds to its pleasant taste. This Humble vape juice comes with 0mg: 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg of nicotine. Sweet Tobacco does not have a harsh throat hit like other tobacco flavored e-liquids on the market. On the contrary, the throat hit that you get from this e-liquid is smooth and almost subtle.

Sweet Tobacco by Humble Juice is produced in the United States. Humble Juice Co. which is based on Los Angeles is well known in the vaping community for its high-quality e-liquid blends. Vapers expect premium e-liquids from this company. Humble Juice Co. uses some of the best ingredients in the production of all its e-liquids. Some examples of its most famous e-liquid lines are Havana, Humble, Humble Ice, Havoc, HMBL, Humble X Flawless, Reds and many others.

Sweet Tobacco is part of the Havana e-liquid series. The different flavors in this e-liquid series are inspired by the unique flavor of the Cuban tobacco. Apart from Sweet Tobacco, the other flavors in this tobacco e-liquid line are Caramel Tobacco, Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco, Cherry Tobacco, Coffee Tobacco, Menthol Tobacco, Apple Tobacco, Peanut Tobacco, and Wintergreen Tobacco.

Sweet Tobacco has excellently packaging. It comes within a classically designed chubby gorilla bottle. You will find the Havana logo on a label around the bottle.

You can buy a 60ml bottle of this e-liquid straight from the Humble Juice Co. online ship for $18.49.

Humble has fast shipping and excellent customer service willing to answer you questions. You can start vaping as soon as your bottle of Caramel Tobacco arrives, Humble steeps it e-liquids for two before they are sold.

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Sweet Tobacco E-Liquid By Havana Juice Co. Review

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